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5 Best finance books To Read in 2021

Yes, it is true that the best way to go about finances and investments is by learning it practically in the market. But isn’t it step one of many to know about the basics of something before you start off? The whys, hows, whats, and when? 

To become the best in the field you start with the basics and to know about the basics of finance, about how to manage your money, paying your debts and bills, you should start by reading these books.

Here is the list of the best finance books that I would suggest you read if you want to get a head start in finance:

Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kayosaki

The first book that comes under best finance books is Rich Dad Poor Dad. It is one of the most popular personal finance books, the author, Robert Kiyosaki shares what he learned about money growing up with his father and his friend’s father where the former is the poor dad and the latter the rich one from the title.

One of the most important lessons this book gives is that the poor and the middle class work for money while the rich don’t. What is this supposed to mean? Well, the lesson here is that the rich do not work for the money because they make money work for them.

This gives another important lesson that in order to be rich you do not have to have huge salaries, you just need to know how to manage your money, your assets, and liabilities, etc.

The book also talks about Financial Literacy and about the history of taxes and the power corporations hold. The book also teaches us that the single most powerful asset we all have is our mind and so we should work to learn rather than working for the money.

The book offers you basic financial lessons on cash flow, real estate, investing, and building businesses. The book challenges the way tens of millions of people manage their money.

Broke Millennial by Erin Lowry

The one thing we need the most growing up and the one thing we are taught the least during our schooling is Managing Money.  If you are a new adult in your late teens or early twenties, being a brand new college graduate and broke can be a little more difficult than we think it will be.

Paying your bills and rents can be already difficult when people start talking about savings and investments. In this book, Erin Lowry talks about how young adults can manage their money and can get in control of their finances.

She talks about how it is important to have a Financial Plan for life and that you need to check for all the financial obstacles that can get in your way of managing money. The most important ratio to track is one of expenses and savings.

Erin Lowry in this book advises using percentages to calculate the money you need to live and the money that can go to savings. She also advises the Broke Millennials to not cut out their credit cards as they can be really helpful in making some big purchases.

This is one of the best finance books because it covers the biggest financial challenges millennials face.

I will teach you to be rich by Ramit Sethi

 Another book under the best finance books is I will teach you to be rich. Did you also think that cutting down on expenses and saving money is the best way to manage your expenses? Read this amazing book “I will teach you to be rich” by Ramit Sethi to discover that you can spend your money guilt-free as long as you know that it is invested in the right places.

The book talks about how to deal with the common money problems students face like paying off their student loans, late fees and also talks about how to rightly save money. Most of the young adults these days are sustaining their lives from the first of a month to the first the next while being broke for most of their month ends, basically paycheck to paycheck.

The book has this really excellent six-week program that teaches you how to live a better and easier life with well-managed finances.

While the insights are mostly for the young Americans, the book is a definite recommendation to every person newbie to adulting for understanding their finances together.

The Psychology of Money by Morgan Housel

Did you know that the way you think, behave and react to certain things also affects the way you manage money?

Did you ever think that these two broad subjects of psychology and finance could be related?

In this book, Morgan Housel talks about how your ego, pride, and even preconceived notions can affect the decisions you make regarding money.

The book consists of nineteen short stories which show the strange ways in which people manage their money. The most important point highlighted by Morgan Housel in this book is that so often we treat finances as just another mathematical thing but the truth is people do not make financial decisions on spreadsheets.

These decisions are made on dinner tables, conference rooms, in front of television or newspaper, or while in conversation with some people.

He also wrote about the differences between being rich and being wealthy. A person could be living the most lavish life and still not be wealthy enough.

He also took Warren Buffet as an example to show that in order to be very wealthy you need to start saving and investing early in life.

The Total Money Makeover by Dave Ramsey

The last but not the least book that comes under best finance books is The Total Money Makeover. Scrolling through your social media you must have at least once come across the quote which says- “We buy things we don’t need with the money we don’t have to impress the people we don’t like”. This famous quote was given by Dave Ramsey who is the writer of one of the best finance books- The Total Money Makeover.

The thing about managing your debts or anything for that matter is that 20% knowing how to do it and the remaining 80% are actually doing it.

The advice in this book is actually really simple but the real deal for you is to be able to follow them. In this book, Dave Ramsey addresses some of the most common myths associated with money management.

He has also given a seven-step plan which is claimed to transform your life.


These were some of the best books on Finance. I’m Koushik Ketharam, a finance expert and mentor who is willing to guide you through this tough sector and help you get a grip on it!

 To know more about finance and money management, stay tuned with me.

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