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Financial Advisor in Chennai

Looking for a Financial Advisor in Chennai?

If you’re looking for a professional Financial Advisor in Chennai you should read on to make the right choice in this field. 

Let’s start from the basics. 


A financial advisor provides financial advice or guidance to customers for compensation. A financial advisor not just guides you in making the right investment but also gives you the financial perspective you did not know you needed.

A financial advisor is a professional who provides financial services to clients based on their financial situation. The advice they provide could be for a wholesome financial plan or individual investments made towards a larger financial plan. 


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In the Internet Age, it is easy to believe that all the information you would ever need is available on the web. Then what is the need for a Financial Advisor?

Because a financial advisor specializes in providing financial advice to customers, based on his expertise and their requirements. While you could be aware of your needs and the way to go about investing for them, you may not always have the time to do it all by yourself.

Not just that, Financial Planners can also help clear processes because sometimes you lack knowledge and they can be more helpful because they do more investment than you do and their research and learning can be really helpful. 


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You can expect so much finance-related advice from a Financial Advisor like advice on downsizing, you can also expect assistance on tax, guidance on insurance and mortgage, a perfect plan for retirement, and most importantly advice on savings. 

A Financial Advisor acts as a liaison between their clients and other financial professionals. They also guide their clients throughout their personal financial analysis, including goal setting. 

They also ensure that their clients’ records are maintained and updated.


If you are looking for a Financial Advisor in Chennai here ends your search for the “All-rounder Financial Consultant that you were looking for” as titled by The Hindustan Times

Koushik Ketharam who graduated from IIM Bangalore is an Experienced Financial Planner, Money Expert, Investment Advisor, Writer in Financial Magazines, and a TEDx speaker

With over 19 years of experience in the field, Mr. Koushik has maintained an excellent track record of highly satisfied clients whose finances have amplified under his virtuous guidance. 

Mr. Koushik does not believe that one policy fits for all and for the same reason he invests his time in his clients. 

With the motto to offer unbiased advice, enable financial independence for clients and become the most admired wealth management firm globally, Koushik keeps client satisfaction at the heart of his service. 

3 thoughts on “Financial Advisor in Chennai”

  1. Lakshmi Narayana Pamula

    It is another nice article from Koushik. I would like to mention few words about Koushik and his financial advice. Choosing a right financial adviser is a major life decision that can determine your financial trajectory for years to come. In my case I could see my clear financial goals achieved with his tremendous commendable knowledgeable as my financial advisor. Thanks a lot for Koushik!!!

  2. Raamasamy Sethuraman

    One would be blessed to find Koushik and his team. Earlier the better that will make our future secure with his advice. For me as an investor, reached out to him for MF suggestions. He has suggested few funds with different range of small cap, mid cap & large cap. Within a year of investment, i have earned more than 33% and that is an whopping returns. A-Z on investments & financial planning Koushik & Intelli360 team are the one to recon upon. Kudos to the entire team 👍

  3. Kannan Nagarajan

    Koushik got introduced to me a couple of years back. A guy with clear vision, happy to assist, clarify and guide you with building and executing your plans.
    A Transparent and Candid financial advisor, you can count on, who is not shy of talking about both sides of the coin to help evaluate and take calculated risks.
    All the best Koushik.. Have a wonderful journey.

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